Client Testimonials

I have had several clients’ say remarkable things about the impact that my work has had on their personal lives and business success.

Navigating your Mind was a game changer for my life. Page after page, it opened my eyes to properly heal loss, set boundaries and ultimately train my mind to create the life I wanted (not the other way around!). After reading just the first chapter, I purchased multiple copies for friends, family, and friends of family for the holidays. This book can be an eye-opener for everybody! The techniques in this book have helped me to achieve what is now a life more wonderful than my wildest dreams!

Thank you, Kris!

Paige S.

I was looking at the ISU face book page and recognized you, never did I think I would see your face again. I doubt you remember me but you were a counselor of mine for a year or so. Back in those great days you probably thought I was a lost hope. Things took a very windy turn of adventures since then, I have experienced more life in 7 years than most people have in an entire lifetime. I have become a much different person and although it did not seem like it at the time, I must say you helped me through some of the roughest times of my life. I would not be the person I am today with out the positive influences in my life such as yourself. I thank you for the first time Kris.

Sincerely and most thankfully,
Chase VanOrden

“If you have always wondered why you think the way you think, then this book is your solution to understanding who you really are.
It may be the only missing resource that you need to achieve complete happiness and fulfillment in life!”

— Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“The best webinar I’ve seen yet. I really connected with Kristopher’s material. Changing lives for the better is what it’s all about.  I’m excited to view the presentation again.”

Andy Holmes
Pocatello Fire Department

Dear Kris,

I am writing to thank you for your valuable insights into the situation of Bob and I,  and most of all, for the peace of mind your wise counsel gave me.

Bob is a good man in many ways. I loved him, his warmth, intelligence, efficiency and tremendous capacity for giving. I know he tried and somehow wanted things to work out for him and I.

Your sessions were instrumental in preventing him from acting out, but the intolerance and anger were there as ever. He could not embrace, learn from or accept the “differences” between us. I am not at all the inept, oblivious, disorganized and messy person that he characterized me as.  And the lack of commitment and avoidance of any talk about the future left me with no reassurances or reasons to stay on.

Last summer, my intuition told me not to come back to him but I had to try. I saw shacking up as degrading and uncommitted – to stay on any longer would have made no difference. I gave him the best I had but it all was never good enough. We did all the exercises from your book. My ideas and suggestions for solving problems were dismissed because they were not his way. I saw that the ever present anger and perfectionism/intolerance rendered him unable to keep his commitment to me. I believe he can’t help the way he acts.

I am facing my future now in N. Carolina with optimism, contentment and fortitude.  I am grateful to you for your frankness, expertise and understanding. If not for you, I would be grieving and berating myself and I thank you for that.

Best wishes with your book, lecturing and touring. Dr. Phil has nothing on you!


Melanie Martin

“My friend the other day was telling me how depressed she was. (It took a long time for her to actually say that). With talking to her I started talking about what I went through. I realized how far I have come, and how that part of my life made me who I am today. I still have depression, but I know how to live with it. I know when I hit my limits, and I know how to handle that. You taught me that, and no meds! I was watching her and could see the hurt that she feels. I bet that is how I looked when you first met me. Its horrible to see that kind of pain in someone. So…thank you for sticking with me for ALL these years, thank you for teaching me, helping me, caring for me, and getting me through the “shit!” Really Kris you saved my life, and gave my kids a chance! Your message works! I can’t wait to read that book and give it to everyone I know!!! Sorry I got kind of carried away on this email!”


“Loss is the absence of something we were once attached to. Grief is the rope burns left behind.” – Stephen Levine
Thank you for helping me heal my rope burns.
– Anonymous Client